by Daniel Hannah

The human hive mind is a theory which suggests that humans have a collective consciousness of sorts. It can be interpreted as an extreme example of collectivism, where individuals form a more sophisticated body through the power of collective thought and labour.

We know that this phenomenon is seen in the animal kingdom. Whether this applies to humans is up for debate. Humans don’t have a hive mind in the traditional sense as we have free will. We are all separate and individual, but on a grand scale, we’re not so different.

We pride ourselves on being a free species, but do we really have free will? As you read these words, you will look around, think about the decisions you have made, and come to an obvious conclusion. Of course we have free will. You are deciding everything you do personally, and your life is in your own hands, nobody else’s.

We are not like ants or bees that operate as a hive mind, a communal consciousness where individuality has no place. Each person experiences consciousness through their own personal perspective. Likewise, each person has a unique perception of the world and themselves. But it’s not quite that simple.

Together we form societies, nations, and collective identities which are unique. Even though made up of many individuals, together we can achieve so much more than if we all went our own ways. When our minds, skills, thoughts and abilities come together, we reach a whole new level productivity. That’s what we’re going to explore in this article.

How do humans act like a hive mind?

An ant does not think about itself. They don’t have a sense of separation from the system around them. Each ant plays a role in their society. Each member operates a tiny piece of the collective mind, working to survive and expand for the greater good of the colony.

Alone ants are nothing, but together, they are intelligent. They create complex societies, form bridges, collect a range of resources for the hive. Ants defend together, sacrifice themselves for the greater good, and can change their roles to balance out the colony. That’s what we see. Not the stupid individual, but the collective accomplishment.

We are all individuals no doubt, but we all form a system like cells forming a body. In the scheme of things, we are nothing as individuals. If you were to look at the world from space, you would see splotches of human development weaving throughout the world. At this scale, individuality is lost, and the collective comes into view.

Together we form a new body, and most of us aren’t aware of it. In the human hive mind, presidents and prime ministers are the kings and queens, governmental services are the immune system, and the consumers are are the building blocks.

Like ants, we are insignificant at best, but together we are communal creatures. Humans have evolved into social beings and in being so, we have very sophisticated social programs. From a micro scale, we are an individualistic species, but on a macro scale, we have similar programs to an ant.

Why do people form collective identities?

Collective identities seem to be a program of evolution, as a species relies on collaboration to survive and thrive. Tasks and work can be delegated amongst individuals, allowing people to specialise, and create a much more complex system.

Our sense of purpose often revolves around adding value to society and serving the collective in some form. If nobody wanted to play a role, society would crash, compromising the development of our species. As society expanded into what we see today, the system has formed an identity of its own.

Together in masses, we form cultures, nations, and collective identities. A nation will operate as a governing voice, and each individual composes its mind. A nation has no physical existence, rather it’s a concept formed by the collective identity.

Without individuals, a nation would not exist. However, it’s the nation that decides its future, not a single individual. No single individual makes these decisions, rather we delegate a creation that acts as our collective mind, identity, and thoughts. A nation operates as the mean decision of those in power. In a democratic nation, those in power are suppose to represent the individuals.

A nation will take land, wage war, engage in diplomacy. Through the human hive mind, you can see each nation as a separate entity that has its own culture, personality, identity, beliefs, values, and so forth. These personalities interact with one another, and we are all seeing how they play out in real-time.

What is the potential of humanity if we work together?

The scale that we can create when we work together is extremely impressive. Alone, we could never achieve close to what we have accomplished. Together we advance much quicker than we do individually, and we can create things of enormous proportion and complexity.

we are designed to work together, to collaborate and create something that is so much bigger than we are. It’s in our nature to expand as a species, and togetherness is key if we want to. Individuality and personal identity should be valued and cherished, but you are also a building block to something much bigger than yourself.

Together we create cities, states, provinces and nations. In the future, perhaps we will colonise other plants too, where each planet will create it’s own mega human hive mind. The scale keeps on expanding, depending on how well we work together, and how far we stretch this phenomenon.

Perhaps in the distant future, we will have the collective mindpower and manpower to compete with other highly sophisticated and developed species. That’s assuming we’re not alone, but that’s a story for another time.

Humanity progresses through collaborating. Unfortunately corruption is the biggest barrier here. When we all put our minds together with positive intentions, thinking power stacks. We have the ability to create more sophisticated entities than we are alone, and a much larger intellect than any individual can imagine.

If we don’t collaborate and work together, we will only get so far as a species. If we stack our collective power and utilise the full potential of our ability as a species, who knows how much we can advance and evolve.

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