Life is hard… There is no denying that. Often enough we get so wrapped up in whatever is consuming our time and energy at the moment, we forget what really matters in life. And that begs the question, what really matters? Is it the money we all strive to make in order to buy utterly meaningless material and possession that we only appreciate for a very minute amount of time? Is it the social status we uphold so dearly in relation to our friends and family? Is it the houses, cars, and appreciation we receive form people who know next to nothing about us and could care less about whether we lived or died tomorrow morning? Dismal an outlook I know but I’m merely trying to offer perspective.

I’m not trying to downplay any achievements you, the reader, may have accomplished over the course of your life I’m simply trying to gain and offer insight. Truth is life is short and delicate, and in the blink of an eye it can all turn into tragedy. Today is an important day in American history.  Its sort of mind-boggling how I remember the occurrence of the attacks of 9/11 as if it were yesterday but now it has already become a pivotal point in American history. Its probably taught in History & Government grade-school courses in every learning institution in the country. Yet it holds an emotional importance for most of us for an endless amount of reasons. And with that being said I’ve recently shared an emotional moment with a relative who just received word of a death in her extended family. So here I am venting via a missed translation.

With a stream of emotions and thoughts pouring into my consciousness I’m trying to utilize this moment to gain some bit of hopefulness amidst the grim energy surrounding me. Moments like these tend to have different affects on all of us. When we see someone in pain we can’t help but absorb that sadness as we can relate depending on the circumstances we’ve dealt with in our life. Its tough seeing someone you love hurting. But at the same time, its a reminder of why you love them. Its a reminder of how important your closeness to them is while they push through their trials and tribulations. And in the same regard we wonder who will be there for us in our time of need? Will they show the same empathetic attitude that we did when we helped someone who needed it? As I said, its a flood of various thoughts and emotions that overwhelm us much like a flooding from a serious thunderstorm.

Some people have difficulty dealing with these issues. Some people have a wealth of pain and heartache embedded so far deep they shut themselves off from feeling anything at all because of the effect it may have over them, overall. That’s tough. Not only are those issues unresolved, but displaced in a manner that usually lead to an unexpected breakdown at the most random moment. But its in some of these fragile moments of uncertainty that we must ist and ask ourselves, what really matters?

Truth is life really is what you make of it, and when faced with your own bouts with mortality, you’ll come to really analyze what is truly important to you. And in that defining moment you may come to conclusion that what’s really important to you may not be what you initially thought. Because people will come and go in this life, but as I’ve state in one of my previous entries, the impressions we leave on one another will last forever, whether we believe it or not. Its all a matter of how important you view the various occurrences and relationships you’ve encountered in your life. Because when you really think about it, its only important if it matters to someone else just as much as it matters to you.


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