Regardless of your age, ethnicity, gender, or socioeconomic background there’s one inescapable reality that I do believe the vast majority of us are now realizing and coming to terms with, and that is the world is changing in ways modern man has never seen before. Now granted, the past 100 years have seen advancements in technology that helped pave the way to where we are, but with arrival of high-speed internet, portable wifi, and the evolution of the smart device, we’re now embarking on uncharted territory as a society.

We are undoubtedly living in the age of information and connection. There’s few questions one can ask that can’t be answered with a few swift clicks & a few minutes to spare. If you wish to share what new information you find with your closest friends or relatives, a group text or social media post to hundreds if not thousands will do just that in seconds. Every day we’re offered the opportunity to open discussions with friends, family, acquaintances, and strangers alike on virtually any issue we deem necessary. No longer are we limited to only learning bout what’s broadcasted by the mainstream media through our television sets & more and more people every day are learning to find their own alternative means of information and data discovery. Of course there’s also another side to this issue that seems to be growing into more of a problem every single day as well.

Because of how public school & traditional media have conditioned the masses of our society for so long, its become evident that there’s an overwhelming portion of the U.S & global populous that haven’t developed the critical thinking skills necessary to identify the difference between what’s fiction and what’s reality. Over time as ideals, values, and prejudices have been passed down from generation to generation, many people have allowed conflicts of personal interest to distort their ability to observe from an unbiased perspective. We tend to believe if a scholar, public figure or well respected professional makes a public statement, that it must be true or have some validity. We’ve taken the opinions of friends and family and turned them into convenient truths that serve as substitutions for well documented research, verified factual evidence, and credible testimonials that make a logical case for or against a specific argument.

In an age where so much information is being shared at such an astounding rate, its easy to be misled into believing a story that strikes at the core of your nerve. The problem is how many people are believing everything that is shared online or publicized by the mainstream media. Most if not all of what is being shared via mainstream media outlets is biased and the rhetoric is scripted. People aren’t getting the full story in many cases and are developing short-sighted opinions based on half-cocked truths. With all the controversy surrounding ‘race-relations’ in the United States and the outcome of the recent Presidential election it seems now more than ever, that the masses are being manipulated on a massive scale.

Of course the manipulation of the general public by the media is nothing new. The press has been used to push propaganda to promote various agendas set forth by the establishment such as war, the vilification of minorities, as well as demonize natural medicine & the beneficial uses of cannabis since the foundation of our society. As the years passed by and technology advanced further, the military & prison industrial complexes grew stronger and used every resource available to promote fear in order to keep the general public misinformed and disempowered so they’d rely on solutions only offered by the state instead of ones cultivated by their own methods of investigation and problem solving.

We allow public officials to pass laws that violate our civil liberties and lobby with corporate conglomerates to make backroom deals that destroy the fabric of the American dream while arguing over meaningless quarrels stemming from bipartisanship. We allow major food companies to infect us and our children with dangerous ingredients in GMO’s without batting an eyelash or knowing the long-term consequences of consumption. We watch childhood obesity, Type-2 diabetes & the onset of autism in children soar to unfathomable heights without opening a discussion for the causes and how to reverse the alarming trend. We continue to allow pharmaceutical & insurance companies to make billions off our pain & suffering without instilling a manageable and reasonable health care system. We sit back and watch as the public education system fails the youth more and more every year setting them up for disappointment and unpreparedness in the real world then blame the children for their inability to take on the typical responsibilities of every day adulthood. We send children off to college with no plan or real understanding of what their education is for meanwhile forcing them into a lifetime of un-payable debt from rising tuition costs. We continue on as if nothing is wrong and convince ourselves it’ll get better if we just hope and pray and complain on social media as the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. We do all this and not once point the finger back at ourselves.

This is how we’ve slowly but surely managed to destroy what was once supposedly the foundation for the way of life in “The greatest country in the world.” We bicker, we fight, we watch reality TV and obsess over celebrity culture while feeding our insatiable urge for consumerism by spending ridiculous amounts of money on brand names to make ourselves feel more desirable and less insecure about our own inadequacies. We don’t listen, we don’t talk to one another humanely and empathetically, we don’t take responsibility for our own actions and we sure as hell aren’t learning as this cycle has continued now for decades.

This my friends is exactly how we got to where we are today. The only way out is by changing the focus of the collective consciousness towards a more empowered and communal oriented way of thinking. We can share ideas, promote each other’s projects, art, and businesses. We can build from the ground up, connect and mobilize using various social media platforms and apps, we can go anywhere we want if we so desire. We just have to stop with how we’re behaving right now. Sure some may resist, many will be doubtful and pessimistic, but even with a few innovative and creative individuals organizing to achieve smaller goals, in time withe enough work we can change the course of tomorrow. Remember its not the environment around you that creates you; its you that creates the environment around you. It all starts somewhere. There’s no reason why it can’t start now, with you.



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