Within the past few years the veracity of our reality as we know it is being called into question within the mainstream human consciousness. More than any other time in recent history, we are beginning to look at the external world and, with a curiosity beyond novelty, are postulating what it actually is. For example, famous minds within the scientific world, such as Elon Musk, Neil deGrasse-Tyson, and the late Stephen Hawking, have catapulted the simulation theory to the forefront of many minds.  While, many others within spiritual communities, theorize reality being a literal dream which we strive to awake from. One thing is becoming an increasingly accepted truth, however: the reality that we know it to be through our five senses is not what it truly is. If reality isn’t “real,” be it dream or simulation, what do we make of this information?

Reality may be an illusion, but life goes on. While we are alive on this earthly plane, we still must physically live within the constructs of this realm. Unfortunately, we still have to make money, live under government rules and powers, and, of course, obey the laws of gravity. There is no getting around them…yet. How you choose to use the knowledge of non-reality is the difference between thriving and surviving in this realm. It all depends on the perspective that you take.

The most damaging and limiting mindset one can take is of apathy. If reality isn’t real, what’s the point in anything, right? Falling into a pessimistic attitude about life shortchanges you of all the joys and wisdom it has to offer.  It can be difficult for humans to fathom the impermanence of what they call real, so, instead of embracing the ambiguity, we loathe it. Instead of learning to be, feel, and experience this life in the present moment, we feel stuck and discontented in this reality of seemingly unanswerable questions. We make ourselves powerless. This nihilistic mindset of victimhood sacrifices our creative powers in this realm and disempowers us from creating the life we want to lead.

In contrast, the best way to utilize non-reality is in empowering yourself by learning how to manipulate it for your benefit. Become a student of this life and learn to experiment and tinker with the fabric that makes up our world.  Understanding that reality as we know it is a construct of the mind and senses opens the door for us to step into our creatorhood as beings on this plane. When we understand that this world is our playground, we become lucid; we become hackers. We may have to make money in this reality, but we are able to hack the code to attract money to ourselves. The government may be an entity we have to contend with at the moment, but we are fully able to guard our minds against their governing: the greatest asset we have. I’ll get back to you when we learn how to completely defy gravity!

Though we may postulate endlessly, no one truly knows what we are living in — and it is okay! Be it dream, simulation, or the creation of a vast alien civilization, we are here now. The present moment is what we have and it offers much should we choose to see it. Instead of non-reality making us become apathetic and victims of this life, let it spark our curiosity to explore and live in this reality and universe to the fullest. There are infinite possibilities and as we attempt to wrap our minds around them all — as humans inevitably will try — let us not lose sight of the meaning of life: to experience it. Never hypothesize the existence of life to the point that the knowing becomes more important than the experience of the knowledge. Experiencing this life with an open and curious mind is what matters in the end.


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