Recently I tweeted, “Find your passion first. Professions are temporary.” I’ve always been confused as to why our society chooses to completely ignore passion and simply focuses on motivating the youth to search for a profession instead. To be quite honest, I believe the entire system is built on archaic concepts and that the education in the U.S is completely backwards in their methods and ideology. If you really take a look at how things are structured in our society, none of it is catered to amplify the potential of the individual. Its all based on an institutionalized method of learning created to feed corporate infrastructure. And because of it, there’s an abundance of unhappy people merely working to pay bills, and get by.

I’ve never understood this system we live in and abide by. Its always boggled my mind why people blindly follow instructions without ever questioning the reasons for their actions. It just seems there’s an overwhelming majority of people who lack independent thought and cognitive thinking. And to be quite honest, that frame of mind, is dangerous when not challenged.

I’ve always practiced what I consider independent thinking. I believe its important to always ask questions and not only search for truth, no matter the context, but do whatever it takes to reinforce that knowledge. So many people are so quick to just accept answers from whom they consider a higher authority, without even questioning the validity or intention of material presented. Personally, I’m a huge proponent of intuition and if my intuition is leading me to believe that something may not have validity or hold water, regardless of the source, then I’m going to question it; and not just blindly accept it as truth.

This same motivation is what has driven me to pursue my passion for the past 7 1/2 years. Its this same motivation that has now driven me to extend that pursuit further into following my dreams and refusing to slow down until I manifest the life that I’ve always wanted. Of course its not exactly easy to pursue your passion in life. First and foremost you have to find what your passion is, then cultivate your talents to the point you can fundamentally make it work for you. Only problem is few people actually have the faith in their passion to turn it into a profession.

Its so much easier just to do what everyone else is doing and go down the familiar path instead of the road less traveled. The structure is simple, and fairly easy to follow: find a field of interest, go to school and earn a certificate or degree, seek employment, train, work, and dedicate your life receiving an established earning while committing to assist in the goals to help your employer thrive. And that’s the route a strong majority of individuals take in our society. Only problem is jobs weigh down on us physically, mentally, and emotionally. In many cases they take away from our spirit and our natural desire to contribute our unique, and creative ideas, and don’t allow much room to think outside of the box.

Of course the standard way of life works for many people, and that’s a good thing. If you can find happiness in a simple means of a lifestyle that’s suitable for you then I applaud you. But if just doesn’t work for many of us… A lot of us actually. And those who find themselves in their late 30’s unhappy wight their choices have to really face the truth in the face and ask, why did I do this? What was I thinking? And that happens more often than not.

Its all a matter of listening to that voice within, and following it early in life, instead of just doing what teachers tell you to do and parents want you to do. Instead of just following your friends and letting society shape your ambitions and goals, you really have to ask yourself, “Is this what I want to do with my life? Is this a future I can see myself doing for the next 20-40 years? If that answer even has the slightest bid of hesitation, then its no. I say this because its important to understand early on, who is in control of your life. Its difficult to accept when you’ve come to realize everything you’ve done is in the service of someone else, whether its to make your family proud, or to impress your friends. That’s the key. Do it for you.

Unfortunately, school indoctrinates children early on and that mentality gets embedded in their subconscious sometimes for the rest of their lives, or until some drastic eye opening event occurs. But if we learn to break the mold, think independently and come to realize, no matter how hard it is I’m going to do what I want in this life. I’m going to put my passion first and do whatever it takes to turn it into my profession. Besides, that process in itself is one of the most amazing experiences you’ll ever have. Its finding who you truly are, and what you’re truly meant to do. After all, it is passion.



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