The ability to inspire is a powerful thing. To have such an ability not only helps to enrich one’s own life but can also be used to empower those one connects with on a multitude of levels. Jim Carrey is one of those people that has harnessed that ability magnificently. He isn’t just a Canadian American Comedian/Actor that became a legend for his over-eccentric slapstick comedy of the 1990’s and early 2000’s; he’s also become an inspirational public figure in the world of popular culture.  He’s given remarkable public speeches such as the ones featured in this compilation video put together by Absolute Motivation.

I first saw this video a little over couple years ago during a dismal time period in my life. I saved it, hoping to use it to continue to lift my spirits when needed and am sharing it with you in hopes that its affects on you can be compared to that of my own. Its the same motivation I felt from this particular video that inspired me to create the idea for this very site.

Let this video be a reminder, that words and ideas don’t just inspire or motivate us in a times of sadness and despair. They are catalysts for creators who use their experiences to help others for the better. Its for these reasons that they add continuous value to our lives.



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