There are fewer things more important in this life than our physical health.  Without that, how do we expect to maintain stability in our emotional or mental health? As we continue further into the information age, more people are becoming aware of the health risks, such as Cancer and Diabetes, that come with what they regularly put into their body as a result of their daily diet.

In the newly released documentary What The Heath, filmmaker Kip Andersen dives into the discussion of how new research has revealed that excessively eating meat & dairy have become the leading causes of various forms of Cancer and Diabetes.

In attempts to expand on the sure-to-be controversial issue, Kip interviews numerous doctors and physicians that provide detailed testimony of the claims that eating too much meat & dairy is one of the primary causes of numerous types of Cancer, Diabetes as well as other life-threatening diseases that affect millions of Americans today.

What’s also quite frightening if not altogether angering is how representatives of government health organizations such as the American Cancer Society, American Diabetes Association, American Heart Association & more are remaining silent on the issue, avoiding the discussion completely.

Below is a trailer for What the Health for your viewing pleasure. Find out more about the film and the contents discussed at the official website:


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