I’ve always told people a single moment can change your life. Many will fail to really comprehend how that’s possible, especially in regards to normal, every day situations. I tell them its all a matter of how you live your life every day. I’ll give you an example of a recent experience of mine.

A month ago I came back from a week long trip to Europe. On New Years eve I was walking down the main strip in Edinburgh Scotland to buy some black socks & a black belt for the evening event I was attending. After I purchased the clothes & socks I walked around for a bit and wandered into a book store. I picked up 2 books as apart of a buy one get one free special and continued on a stroll for an hour before I returned to my hotel to meet my family for lunch. One of the books was “Happiness by Design” by Paul Dolan. Since he was a U.K author I figured his writing would resonate with me considering how much I fell in love with the U.K while I was there.

I hadn’t cracked open the book until a week or so ago. But I know as soon as I read the first page I could immediately use the words to strengthen my connection to Europe and take myself back to that exact moment when I bought the book. Which every time I so much as look at the cover, I can picture that very moment, and nearly every detail that followed giving me such an incredible experience that I’ll cherish forever. And as I read it now, I smile in not only the book’s overall message, but the reason that I bought it in the first place, and everything that occurred prior to leading up to that moment as well.

Now here I am changing my life because of a book I bought on the most amazing trip I’ve been been on to date, and I think about not just that day, but the entire experience and state of mind I’ve been in since then. Then I remind myself of how beautiful life can be simply from taking advantage of a single moment. If I had packed all the clothes I needed for the New Years Eve party I attended while there, I would’ve never needed to shop that morning, and never would’ve bought that book. And then I smile again as I think to myself, everything happens for a reason.

Though this was a specific example, it isn’t a rare occurrence for me. I’ll find myself at random places & simply by taking an opportune moment to meet someone or establish a meaningful connection I’ll usually come away with more than I came in with. Its simply a matter of what I do with it thereafter. You could do this right now. You could get up, walk out your house, drive somewhere randomly, walk around and just let things flow naturally and allow yourself to embrace the moment as it is.

You could browse the web for something stimulating and stumble across an article or documentary that’ll teach you something new. Afterwards you could share it with friends or family via social media and change someone else’s life with a few words typed and a couple clicks of your mouse. You could reach out to others online who share similar interests and let that connection lead you to a new experience or opportunity. I find myself doing this fairly often. To be quite honest, if I did this every single day at least 2-3 times a day I have no doubt my life’s direction would change instantaneously each day. And that’s the direction i intend on taking my life from here on after.

The truth is so many of us are condemned to be entrapped in this repetitive state of mind every single day where we do the same routine day in and day out. We go to work and school, we go out to eat, come home, watch TV and don’t leave the house till the weekend. And even then we often find ourselves in the same places with the same people. Now, I’m no one to criticize how anyone lives their life but I can tell you, things don’t just happen to you. You have to make them happen or find yourself in a situation to where they happen for you. Which if you truly take a step back and see things from another perspective you’ll come to find that there are no coincidences, and there was something else that lead you there in the first place.

Every moment your life can change. I’ve been a firm believer in that since I decided to take my life into my own hands several years ago. And every time I tend to forget that, which happens often enough, all I have to do is remind myself in some way, usually by thinking of or reading a quote, listening to a specific song, or watching a certain movie/documentary. That’s how powerful free will is. And I know its difficult to place that much power in your own hands but its the honest truth, and so many of us are just afraid to take on that type of responsibility and for ourselves.

I can promise you one thing. If you manage to do one thing different every day, just one, you’ll come to see the smallest differences can make the biggest changes about your life. From exercise to dieting, or even spending more time with friends & loved ones, its all up to you. And in that one single moment you decide to take action, watch the world completely open up for you afterwards. The reward is usually greater than the risk if you measure it properly.



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