Life teaches us in many ways. Sometimes it’s in the form of education. Sometimes it comes in the form of circumstance & relationships. But no matter what, all of it comes in the form of experience.

I’ve been through a lot of shit in my life. Often enough, I’ve found myself feeling helpless and searching for answers. Truth is no matter where we search, the answers have to come from within. Nobody can tell you what to do with you life, or about your life. They can try to guide you with advice and information, but ultimately it’s you who makes the final decision for what to do with what happens to you.

It’s not easy, this entire learning process. The challenges will always arrive in abundance just to show you that no journey is as smooth as it seems. But through all of it, in order for you to maintain composure, you have to remain focused and determined to see it through. As much as we wish things were different for us, it’s completely up to us to make the changes necessary to take the next step.

Truth is there is always going to be hardships in life.  There’s always going to be difficulty for most of us.  I know some may seem like they have it easy, but all of it comes with a cost.  But when you see every challenge as an opportunity to learn it completely changes the vibration surrounding your thought processes.  That in itself will allow you to rise to the occasion and adjust how you approach every problem in life.

Of course there are moments when its going to be so difficult you can’t help but lose faith in your ability to cope with the hardships in life.  Its in those moments of despair where our strength is defined and we’re forced to find solutions that may lie outside of the box in terms of how to change situations in our life.

Personally I think the key is understanding that life is a one long lesson, and we never stop learning.  The moment we’re done learning everything we can or even once we’ve learned how to teach those who have more to offer with that knowledge, we move on, to the next phase of existence.  And truth be told, when you to realize, there’s something to gain from everything that happens to you and for you, you can’t lose.

Truth be told, you won’t really make progress in your life unless you’re willing to take chances.   And when you take chances, there’s always a possibility you’re going to lose something.  But its in losing we always gain something else.  But you don’t realize that unless you’re willing to learn.  And even that willingness is something we have to openly accept.  Its all a matter of perspective. Everything in life is.

Its not that there’s some secret method to success, or some golden rule to happiness.  Its just a matter of a conscious decision you make in order to better your quality of life. And by the willingness to learn, you’ve actively approached the unexpected with a proactive perspective.  Its basically the idea, “win or lose, its how you play the game.”  Because if you don’t appreciate the process in itself enough to be satisfied without having the outcome you desire then what’s the point of doing it in the first place?  Because that victory always comes with a cost, and that loss often comes with a valuable lesson, soon to follow.

The difficult task is actually having the frame of mind that can take something from everything that happens.  Not everyone can do that.  Most people are conditioned to believe there is only one way to do or see anything.  Its thats just so far from the actuality of existence.  People fail to realize there are infinite variables that constitute to everything that happens.  And it never ends.  Nothing ever ends.  It simply manifests into a different form.  But that in itself is another topic of discussion for another day.

Just know that everything we do is learning and its all part of a continuous process.  The more we choose to learn, the more we take in, the more we know, and the more we can do.  And in those moments of loss and hopelessness we simply have to take a step back, and figure out what exactly is there to learn from this situation?  Because if you really take a step back and look at things with a different set of eyes, you’ll come to see there’s always something to take from everything that happens.  You simply have to want to see what else is there.


  1. This is an absolutely GREAT post!! I can’t believe I’m the first one to like it!!!!

    I completely agree with you.I also believe, that there is a reason for everything in life and we only can learn from things coming our way, no matter wether they’re good or bad things, and we can only grow through these things life throws at us.

    You’ve got a great attitude, I like it!
    My best wishes to you,


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