There’s nothing conspiratorial or secretive about the power of human connection and how it is our most fundamental driving force to survive. I could speak to you all day about theories and factual evidence to support that statement but there’s no need. I’m not your teacher. You want that information then either seek it yourself or do what everyone else does and study it in school. I’m sure there’s classes in whatever institution you’ve chosen to teach you what you should already know that have subject matter that’ll provide detail to sear any doubt one may have.

When we look at the break down of human relationships in all forms we must look back at our own personal and general history in order to understand why we behave the way we do. There are multiple aspects of our own personality that drive our own behavior, but fundamentally I believe the drive remains the same. We were created to connect and share those vibrations with one another in order to help one another thrive as a whole. There’s nothing to argue or debate about it because if you remove all the distorted information that’s guided your thought process to choose whether race, religion, and sexuality had some predicated factor in how we connect you’ll come to realize that truth is a feeling that stems from within yourself.

But what is it that drives us all to reach out in one another? Is it love? Is it sex? Is it simply acknowledgement for another living, breathing, feeling soul who can understand how we feel so we can realize that we’re not alone in the world. Truth is I believe its all the above. We love to connect with one another simply for the fact its what we’re biologically driven to do so. But we’re also human, therefore psychology and sociology play a huge part in the pattern of how we choose to connect with one another. We could sit here and talk about love and relationships all day and I guarantee you even the best counselor on the planet will tell you they have no clue how the hell to truly make a relationship work or if there’s even a such thing as a perfect marriage.

Personally, I spend a lot of time trying to interpret my feelings into something more explainable as to where they’re coming from. When you connect to somebody new for the first time, the way they make you feel comes from so many different directions and could mean so many things it gets overwhelming to say the least and sometimes we confuse ourselves as to what those feelings really mean. When you meet someone for the firs time and there’s even a minute physical attraction often actual emotional responses are confused with a mere sexual impulse. When it comes to emotion there’s a more complicated force at play because many people do tend to lie in first time social counteractions, not just to one another but also to themselves.

When we build connections and attractions to one another there are various forces that drive not just those connections but our own behavior. When someone holds us in high regard and praises us consistently for our looks, sociable qualities, and talents often enough our ego inflates and leads us to believe illusions about our own self-worth or personal value. But regardless we build connections and relationships with these people because lets be honest, its good to feel important. Its good to believe someone else loves us or even needs us to the point they obviously serve value in our lives. Doesn’t matter what the relationship is. It could be a friendship, business connection, or even a romantic relationship. I think the most confusing romantic relationships are ones that are based on a surface attraction only, with no true in-depth emotional ties to each other thus turning it toxic.

At the same time we form these various relationships we are also driven by our spiritual nature to seek love. Love; its such a confusing philosophy to interpret. I don’t think there’s a more complex term for a verb or adjective that simply has no definition beyond a feeling and understanding of the living spirit. Love exists far beyond human comprehension. Though there’s no true way to define genuine love in my opinion I think there’s many ways in which we can confuse its meaning. I think more often then not we confuse love with things such as lust, infatuation, obsession, intense physical attraction, even admiration. Any of the above nouns mentioned can be combined to intensify a feeling someone gives us or that we feel for someone else to be perceived as love. But to be honest none of it equates to the actual feeling one has for someone they truly just love with all honest and pure intention. To genuinely love someone as a person is a completely different feeling altogether and serves a multitude of purposes that again is far beyond human comprehension to explain.

For a second, think about the love you have for a mother, father, grandparent, immediate or closely-distant relative, cousin, sibling, or even a best friend. Think about how much just that person’s existence makes your quality of life better for no reason other than then the fact you love them. You don’t require their presence at every second of the day but you know it’ll always be there when you need it for the most part. They will truly listen to you when you’re in need of someone to open up with and vent to because they truly care about what you have to say and vise versa. Thats just a simple concept that we can all agree is prevalent in unconditional love. The same feeling should be present with the person you involve yourself with romantically in order for it to have any true sense of longevity. Without that feeling present, whatever bond you have with one another for whatever reason will weaken and break at the mere presence of any conflict or combined repeated conflicts. Its just common sense. The thing is, in order to love someone to that magnitude who was a complete stranger before you crossed paths takes time, patience, understanding and many character traits we have to learn to develop over time.

I’m not certain on very many things but I can assure you in order to truly love another person requires understanding their various qualities that differ from your own and not only appreciating them but embracing their impact on you as well. As far as from what I can observe, our society still has much time until we’ve reached that level on a mass scale. If you truly love someone you have to accept them for who they are and not shun them, criticize them, and most definitely don’t try to change them if their qualities don’t suit whatever you’ve been socialized to believe is an acceptable perspective or behavior. We’ve all been raised differently, we’ve all had different experiences and in order to truly embrace one another unconditionally, we have to remove this idea that cultural and social backgrounds or race are of any meaning outside our own psychological constructs and illusions. When we begin to do this on a massive scale, then our ability to love one another changes and we will be capable of doing so much more a species.

Our various problems in society stem from a core conflict that begins with us internally then extends socially thus reverting back to us emotionally via our romantic relationships and deeply rooted friendships. Though our egos are not separate evil entities that exist outside of our own consciousness, they can tend to mislead us in our quest for connection to one another. Its extremely important to learn to check our ego from time to time and balance its needs with our natural, spiritual drive to connect with others for honest and pure reasons or intentions. By not doing so we form toxic relationships that lead to us hurting one another and in turn we hurt ourselves. I believe that’s currently a huge problem in our society but it isn’t impossible to fix. Its just a matter of taking a step back and observing our own feelings and how the those feelings affect those around us in how we treat one another. Its all a process and takes time, patience, and comprehension.  By continuing to do that, maybe we will understand what it truly means to love others unconditionally, for who they really are.


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